Markus Fishback, more commonly known as his online persona "Markiplier", is the main protagonist of Marksworld. He has red and black/brown hair, and wears a dark grey hoodie. He's often the leader, and he loves Pepsi.



He has red and black/brown hair and green eyes. He has a small peach fuzz mustache, and black framed glasses.

He wears a dark grey hoodie over a white T-shirt, jeans and black sneakers.


He is funloving, friendly, and kindhearted. When Will returned, he was greeted by Mark, who gave him a warm welcome home and a hug. He got angry at Felix for acting cold towards Will's return. He loves making puns and jokes. When he's making his videos, he's funny, and uses a lot of profanity. After Will left, he would always listen to his songs, showing he missed his friend's singing voice.


After Logan hit him with a nuclear laser, he gained temporary superpowers.

  • Flight
  • Super strength (he still has this)
  • Super speed
  • Heat vision
  • Ice breath
  • Durability


  • He is the YouTuber Markiplier.
  • There is evidence that he knows Caleb Hyles.