Marksworld is an adaption of Eddsworld that uses famous YouTubers as the characters. Markiplier, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and DAGames serve as the main character. The idea formed after Theartqueen13 drew Will Ryan, also known as DAGames, wearing a hoodie.


  • Markiplier is Edd
  • Jacksepticeye is Matt
  • Pewdiepie is Tom
  • DAGames is Tord
  • SuperMarioLogan is Eduardo
  • Jontron is Jon
  • Tomska is Mark (lmao)
  • Nigahiga is Todd/Jordan (neighbor Tord)
  • Caleb Hyles is Paul
  • Plainrock124 is Patryck
  • Kitty0706 is Yuu
  • Flamingo is Yanov
  • Eddsworld is Zanta Claws
  • Yoteslaya is Hellucard
  • Smosh is Diwi
  • McJuggerNuggets is Seargant Hilarson
  • Simply Nailogical is Laurel
  • HowToBasic is Bing
  • RiceGum is Larry
  • Paultervoorde, Alonzo Lerone, everyone at MostAmazingTop10, RonaldOMG, and IhasCupQuake are Zombehs


Marksworld will be seen in the form of comics, and occasional animations, which would be 2-6 minutes long, exempting rare occasions.


Marksworld's Tumblr page