Will Ryan, commonly known as his online persona "DAGames", is the former tetartagonist turned main antagonist of Marksworld. He has black hair with green highlights. He's the only singing YouTuber of the group, which sets him apart from the group. He has a slight British accent.



He has black and green hair, brown eyes, and fair toned skin.

He wears a neon green hoodie, jeans, and black sneakers.


He is the quietest and most awkward of the group, especially around Felix. He's the only singer of the group, and people often pester him for his songs. He has a temper, and will snap at people for pestering him about songs. Part of the reason he left the group is because Felix would insult him for not having over 10 million subscribers. He later assumed the alias "Neon Leader", and became in charge of King and Caleb. When he returned, he initially acted friendly, and displayed himself as a humble inventor. He is the most trigger-happy of the group, often pulling guns into various scenarios, much to Mark, Sean and Felix's dismay.


  • He is the YouTuber DAGames.
  • Him and Felix are currently open for asks.